Time for a pause

Ok, that is the bulk of the paintings I want to put back up. I will hold up my hand and admit I’ve taken to opportunity to make a handful of paintings disappear. There will be more things added soon to the sketches post and there are some linocuts to be put up as well but, for now, that is enough.

Soon I will develop some richer content for the projects that have more meaning for me – I might put up some of the sketches from the development of pieces, links to relevant resources, some field trips (literally!) and perhaps shoot some video discussing some of the pieces. I also plan to add information about how I work to the “About the Artist” page along with things like photographs of the studio.

All this will take time though. The first two priorities are to review the measures I’ve taken to keep the website robust and reliable and to start to tease the huge project I’ve been working on sporadically for 18 months.

In other news, I have undertaken to produce 11 substantial paintings for somewhere – the where and when will be revealed nearer the time.


At this point the rebuild is going well. The paintings should all be back online by the end of the weekend. An unexpected benefit of going back through old work and re-summarising it has absolutely re-invigorated me and given me new focus. I’m definitely painting more decisively and with more enthusiasm right now.

One shock I’ve had digging deep into the security side of modern websites is the sheer scale of the threats facing even a tiny website with limited traffic like mine. There are literally dozens of attacks a day, presumably from people wanting my server space or my bandwidth. Dealing with this has absolutely slowed down work on putting my work back up. So far the measures I’ve taken seem to be standing up but we shall see.

When all the paintings are back up I will start work on enhancing what’s here, so watch this space.