I have become fascinated by short Japanese poems. They’re about as visual as language gets and as intellectually and emotionally intense as a stock cube. I started painting them because I had always intended to move beyond simply painting what was in front of me and they gave me a […]

Updated: Japanese Poetry

I like these. They’re seemingly rough and ready skies, mostly around Staines and Windsor. I made them because I wanted something simple, energetic and cleansing as I approached the end of a long, draining and difficult project which will be on this site soon. They were an antidote. Having said […]

Sketches of skies

The dawn image  in the Japanese poetry series is something that I wanted to revisit. Making the Runnymede Ghosts series involved a lot of walking along the riverbank at dawn on my way to and from the meadows and gave me lots of raw material. These two are in fact […]

River Thames at Dawn

I thought I’d see what happened if I turned the colour right up to 10 – I had with the sky a few times previously but this is the first time I really celebrated the colour green as it’s always been the set set of colours I find most difficult […]

Summer Shade

In 2015 I took part in a major festival celebrating the 800th anniversary of the sealing of Magna Carta at Runnymede. I had a solo exhibition with Royal Holloway, University of London when it opened its doors to the public for the anniversary weekend. Magna Carta is the document that […]

Runnymede Ghosts

I was artist in residence at Sulgrave Manor in Northamptonshire and was given privileged access to the house. Sulgrave is a modest Tudor manor with later alterations and was the ancestral home of George Washington. Under it’s current curation, the manor places a great emphasis on recreating Tudor living conditions […]

A Night at the Manor

Usually when I sketch it’s for my own benefit but sometimes I work them up a little further for public consumption. They’re fun to make and cheap to buy and can be painted to order, so get in touch:  alan@alanperriman.co.uk


Ankerwycke is the estate of a ruined priory and a later house on the north bank of the Thames, directly across the water from Runnymede. The difference in character between the two sides of the river fascinate me; Runnymede is bright and bleak, harsh and abundant, old and new but […]

The Avenue at Ankerwycke

Nocturne 7
When I lived on a boat, to get anywhere I had to walk across water-meadows near a motorway. After dark, the world would take on strange colours as the the moon, streetlights, headlights and ambient light from the motorway would combine, often being mixed together by mist. These paintings were […]


These paintings were the next stage in my exploration of using many glimpses to build up a richer, more complex and yet easier to interpret portrait of a place than would otherwise have been possible. They were made across one Spring and each shows one highly characteristic view of Runnymede […]

Runnymede Skylines, Runnymede Skies

These are two pairs of paintings I made toying with the notion of direction. The square ones, Mudward and Floodward are from the exact same spot but looking in opposite directions – hence the names – one is looking along a muddy track, the other at a flooded meadow. The […]


These paintings were among the first I made on my return to making art. They are simple and straightforwards. At the time they were literally just a way of getting my skills back after 15 years away from painting so I turned to my immediate surroundings for convenience, but with […]

Portrait of a February