Almost award-winning art, fresh from the wilds of Surrey


These are two pairs of paintings I made toying with the notion of direction. The square ones, Mudward and Floodward are from the exact same spot but looking in opposite directions – hence the names – one is looking along a muddy track, the other at a flooded meadow. The other two are as if one had walked 200 metres in a perfectly straight line through some impassible barriers. Really I should have had a couple more of this series but I was only trying things out at the time. Many months later I did prep work for a more ambitious series of “walking in a straight line” paintings but ultimately I decided there were other, more interesting things I should be doing. As an aside,  these paintings show quite a wide variation in the handling of paint and colour because they are still doing what the previous series were doing – giving me a chance to regain skills and understand my interests.