Almost award-winning art, fresh from the wilds of Surrey

Phases of the Moon Diptych

One day I was on top of a hill, watching the sunset. As I turned away I noticed the light falling on an isolated tree matched the shape of the moon to perfection. In that moment, knowing that the phases of the moon are just a consequence of light falling on a sphere went from book-knowledge to a deeper understanding. The celestial dance between Sun, Earth and Moon became apparent. Suddenly I saw the heavens dance.

This pair of paintings is an attempt to communicate this moment. When hung ideally (in a corner, the sun painting fairly close to the corner on the right hand wall, the moon painting a few feet further along the left hand wall), the sun shines out of the brighter painting and illuminates the moon painting. Each can stand on its own however, so really the paintings can be hung any which way the new owner likes 😉

Oil on board, 2 panels each 24″ x 36″