Almost award-winning art, fresh from the wilds of Surrey

Runnymede Skylines, Runnymede Skies

These paintings were the next stage in my exploration of using many glimpses to build up a richer, more complex and yet easier to interpret portrait of a place than would otherwise have been possible. They were made across one Spring and each shows one highly characteristic view of Runnymede (where I was living at the time) at a different time of day, in different weathers and at a different stage in Spring. Put together they speak of the harshness and the softness and the domesticity of the place and give a genuine sense of just how much the sky and the weather dominate the experience of walking those fields. There is a seventh but I have put it to one side with the intention of re-working it.

With the benefit of distance and hindsight, there is a directness and decisiveness about these pieces that I really like.