Nocturne 7
When I lived on a boat, to get anywhere I had to walk across water-meadows near a motorway. After dark, the world would take on strange colours as the the moon, streetlights, headlights and ambient light from the motorway would combine, often being mixed together by mist. These paintings were […]


These paintings were the next stage in my exploration of using many glimpses to build up a richer, more complex and yet easier to interpret portrait of a place than would otherwise have been possible. They were made across one Spring and each shows one highly characteristic view of Runnymede […]

Runnymede Skylines, Runnymede Skies

These are two pairs of paintings I made toying with the notion of direction. The square ones, Mudward and Floodward are from the exact same spot but looking in opposite directions – hence the names – one is looking along a muddy track, the other at a flooded meadow. The […]